Like so many Evangelicals and Mainline Christians of late, I have grown weary of the so-called “Culture Wars.” I can agree with Philip Yancey in his “Vanishing Grace: Whatever Happened to the Good News,” that grace within the church seems to be a vanishing commodity. Although still connected to the Evangelical church I can no longer agree with a great deal of its assumptions.

A few years ago I felt it necessary, for my own spiritual health, to step back and “deconstruct” my theological belief set. I had become too enmeshed in the Evangelical “bubble” to honestly and critically assess my conservative theological doctrines. Although some evangelical leadership is threatened by the process of deconstruction, viewing it as a “slippery slope” to atheism, and, indeed,  for some, that appears to be the only alternative once the facade of Western Christianity is removed, for me, that was not the case.

What has followed in the past few years is my own journey of rediscovering the Bible, and, above all, rediscovering God. It has become a journey that still surprises and delights me. Not everything is new. The faith first delivered to me by the Evangelical church has been reaffirmed. Although, my understanding of that faith has transformed quite a deal. The Good News is still the best deal out there. But there have been new discoveries as well. It is my hope that my posts encourage your own questions and reassessments. It is my conviction that, because we see through a mirror darkly, there are questions that are valid to ask, and that we should not be afraid to ask them. God bless you in your own spiritual journeys.

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Kirk Leavens